Designer & Graphic Artist based in Los Angeles. 

Through brand identity, graphic apparel, and murals, her work explores the universal forms that connect communities and cultures, through expressive type and iconography. 

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  • 01   Can I get your work tattooed?

If you are interested in using one of my existing designs as the reference for a tattoo, at the minimum I only ask to be tagged/credited for the design as I’d love to see photos of the finished piece.
By request, I have made a donate link available here, if you would like to contribute $ toward the use of my work (thank you!).  Note that none of my illustration or design work is available for any purpose other than this specific personal use.

  • 02   My class requires me to interview a professional designer — can you answer these 25 questions ?

While I’m pretty responsive to comments and dm’s, there are legitimate reasons to be critical that this sort of assignment exists at all for school;  Marian Bantjes dissects this as elegantly as is possible and I encourage you to read through and to send this explanation to your professor or institution, as well.
If you have personal interest in some of the perspectives I’ve shared, I have listed some folks I’ve spoken with on the record here, and this interview with Communication Arts is a good place to start!

  • 03  Do you teach workshops?

I created a few classes with Skillshare, that you can watch here!
If any live workshops are upcoming, updates will be posted to Instagram.

  • 04   What pen / paint / software / hardware do you use?

I work predominantly in Illustrator and Photoshop on a Macbook Pro, and in Procreate and Adobe Fresco on iPad pro 12.9 (4th gen).
With analog tools, I am always experimenting so these are subject to change, but I am working on a shoppable list that will be linked here in the near future.

  • 05   Do you sell any of your work?

Prints are in the works; In the meantime, I have some pins for sale up here.

  • 06   How do you pronounce your name?

jeh • net  / lee • ow
How and why I was named after a female jackass is a long story for a different day but feel free to google image search “cute jennet for sale” for a seratonin boost.